Minoxil price – 5% Kirkland in liquid and foam

Welcome to this other section of our portal! In this installment we are going to talk specifically about prices, since we know that you are not only interested in knowing if this chemical really works, the results, and this type of thing, but you also want to see how friendly it is for your pocket and with it evaluate the possibilities to probably make the purchase.

We will start by referring to the liquid version, and later we will conclude with the foam version. We hope you can use the data shown enough, and if you have any questions, we recommend that you use our comments area, where we will carefully answer all your questions.

comprar Minoxidil liquido

Prices of the liquid version

This is the classic version used by people who wish to use Minoxidil to grow their beards, since with it they have noticed the best results. Its cost in relation to the foam version that is used by people with alopecia, is quite wide, since it costs almost half. The information that we are going to present is about the Kirkland brand and with the 5% concentrated chemical.

  • For the package that lasts approximately three months is in US $ 15. The concentration is 5% and the Kirkland brand.
  • The price for the next package that is designed so that through its continuous and precise application it lasts 6 months, it has a price of 28 US dollars, also at 5% and of the same brand. It represents 2 US dollars of savings if you buy this option, instead of buying two packages of the option detailed above.

comprar Minoxidil en espuma

Foam version prices

This version is a little more expensive than the previous one, almost double, but it is due to the facilities it presents to people suffering from alopecia; It helps your application that in itself is usually complicated with the liquid version, since you must use a mirror to do so. The data that we are going to show you, is also about the Kirkland brand, and of the same concentration.

  • For the Minoxidil foam package that lasts about three months, you have the price of about 30 US dollars. Although you have noticed, it is the same price of the six-month package of the liquid version, so for that reason we told you before that it is almost twice as expensive as such a version.


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