Minoxidil U.S.Afchile – Where to buy it?

As in any other part of the world, there are people in United States who also want to take advantage of the great benefits of Minoxidil, both in terms of beard, and in regards to the treatment of alopecia (a problem commonly known as baldness). ), therefore, we wanted to develop this section of our portal quickly.

Basically we are going to direct this publication to america, so that they can understand what Minoxidil is, we are going to talk about all its facilities and relevant aspects, and finally we will let them know where to buy the product in UNITED STATES.

Minoxidil de la marca Kirkland

Background and origin of the drug Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a very famous drug today, it was accidentally found as the cure for baldness, since in its early stages it was more than anything a vasodilator used in people suffering from super high pressure; in these people it was an “adverse” effect, and it was the one that appeared hair in depopulated areas and increased its growth in areas where it could already be found.

In no way was the discovery of the cure for baldness, and the element that would make people without a beard, realize their dream come true: having an excellent beard and even a mustache.

It can be found being exploited by various brands both in United States and in any other country, such as Kirkland or Rogaine, but it is basically the same element with some variations in its concentration. The concentration aimed at the male audience is 5% and serves to grow the beard, and to attack the ravages of alopecia; In the case of women to treat alopecia, the concentration is at 2% in order to avoid totally unwanted side effects for them.

comprar Minoxidil en Chile

Effectiveness to grow the beard and treat alopecia

Its effectiveness is quite relevant, and it is possible to notice results in a fairly short time, the most important thing is to make an appropriate application, follow the instructions regarding the dose, and be consistent between each of the applications. With this, it is necessary to comment that there may be some side effects, which are generally quite simple, such as dry skin, redness, and things of this caliber, although there are also other adverse effects that have occurred, but they are quite rare and there have been very few cases, such as tachycardia, inflammation, etc. In general there is no need to worry, but it is always good to receive the word from a doctor, and see what you think about starting to use this drug.

If this point about the effectiveness of Minoxidil has caught your attention, you can go through our “before vs.” zone. later ”, where you will be able to appreciate results that users have achieved through the constant application and for a few weeks, of this product, especially that of the Kirkland brand.

Rogaine para alopecia

Minoxidil para la barba


  1. ¿Y? ¿Cuáles son los lugares confiables para comprar Minoxidil en Chile?

    Aún dice “Sección en proceso de redacción y actualización”

    Estoy realizando el tratamiendo y necesito comprar. Saludos.

  2. Pueden comprarlos en farmacias, hay distintas marcas.
    Yo uso porque sufro de alopecia, el tratamiento me lo dio el dermatologo, sin embargo la loción no es de venta expresa con receta.
    Lo encuentras en Distintas marcas: Tricoxane, Alopek, entre otros.

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