Minoxidil beard results: before and after

The beard is an element that is essentially synonymous with masculinity and fertility, as long as you take good care of yourself and work around the person’s face and personality, it allows you to grant some additional level of attractiveness. Lately this kind of easy beauty has become a fashion, men wear it in various forms and styles, and in fact many women constantly speak about it commenting on all the taste and pleasure they have towards men with beards.

Minoxidil para hacer crecer la barba y el bigote

It is true that the beautiful facial increases you years, but it is not something negative, since it improves your character and the way in which the people around you perceive you, change the concept they have about you; On the other hand, it enhances the appeal, and incredibly brings to your charisma and credibility. You see? Wearing a good beard puts you in front of various benefits. If you don’t like science, please don’t read the following paragraph, you may get bored B) so you can skip it, otherwise, go ahead! We invite you to read it.

After the explanatory paragraph about the genetic part, we proceed to talk about what really matters to us in this publication: the results of the Minoxidil in beard, which are going to be presented by means of images before and after the treatment. In some cases you will be so surprised that you may even think that it may not be true … But, neglect, all these images are verified of cases of people who received the treatment and obtained the results they expected.

About beards that don’t grow because of genetics

Not all men naturally grow a beard, that is, it is not defined and configured by the genetic information that was provided by their parents at the time of gestation, or perhaps such configuration if it is in your DNA, but they come to Be a recessive phenotype.

Phenotypes are ways in which genes are expressed, for example, your mother has blue eyes, and your father has dark brown eyes, and in your genetic information you have two possible alleles for eye color that are: or blue or brown, but as coffee is the dominant phenotype, and blue is the recessive one, then finally your eyes are brown with more probability (many times the dominant phenotype becomes recessive, and the dominant recessive one, or even skip generations to express themselves from one or the other way). The same is extrapolated to the subject of the beard, we invite you to deduce a possible example with the capillary part.

We are sorry for the mini science class we have just developed in this paragraph, but it allows us to clarify some of the doubts about the growth of the beard and the influence of genetics.

Before and after treatment with Minoxidil – Photos

Minoxidil beard is absolutely effective, so much that, after a couple of weeks of its use, it is already possible to start seeing results; basically this chemical not only amazes by its ability to stimulate hair follicles and thereby generate beautiful, but also the speed with which the results begin to be seen is very striking. Given these premises we wanted to create this section of our portal, to show you some real photos of what people have achieved with patience and perseverance.


barbas conseguidas usando Minoxidil
Result of a complete treatment, with a quite spectacular ending.
conseguir barba con Rogaine
User in a short time demonstrates their progress with the treatment.
Fotos de resultados conseguidos con Minoxidil
A sequence of photos of results after the use of Rogaine (Minoxidil), resulting in a beautiful facial just great.

Success stories you find in quantity

Amazing, right? And if you keep searching for success stories of this type on the net, you will continue to simply find them. Thousands of people have achieved that beard that sounded so much through treatment. What separates you from your dream? Simply the one you decide to buy this product. Cheer up, that you are almost starting to show off that attractive facial beauty!

In case you are going to buy Minoxidil, do it from reliable sources since it is a drug (in one of our sections you can consult all the relevant information, referring to the places where you can buy it regardless of your location). There are various brands and concentrations of the chemical, but the most widely used is 5% Kirkland.



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