How to apply Minoxidil on the beard and head


In this publication we will emphasize a very important issue for those people who are starting to treat Minoxidil for the beard and head, and this is respectively the mode of application. There are usually many doubts about it, and the question of “how do I apply it?” Is already quite famous in this sector, so we are going to present the steps you should follow, and some useful tips that will serve you widely.

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 Steps to apply Minoxidil to the beard and Head

  1. First of all, it is necessary that you wash your face very well, that you leave it clean and without dirt. In this sense you can use exfoliating soaps since they work well enough to leave your face clean, and after that you just need to wash and dry the water residue.
  2. Once after the cleaning step, you can proceed to apply the Minoxidil, paying special attention to the chemical coming into contact with the skin where you want it to be beautiful. It does not matter if you already have something beautiful, but try to get the chemist to come into contact with the skin of the face, since otherwise it will not have an effect.
  3. After application, Minoxidil must be allowed to act for four hours, and after this time it is necessary to wash the face to remove any chemical residue. Feedbacking this point, we recommend that you do not expose yourself to sunlight while you let the product act, since it could stain your skin (also happens with lemon-based masks for example, because the skin weakens temporarily and sunlight hurts her easily).
  4. The last step is to apply some moisturizer in the area, since otherwise it is most likely that you have dryness in the area of ​​the face that you are exposing to the treatment.

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Final tips and issues to consider.


It is important that you know that Minoxidil is ideally applied twice a day, not more than that to allow the skin to rest (it also needs rest because it is an organ like any other). It is also important that you do not exceed and strictly comply with the four hours in which the chemist can act, and that you do not go to sleep with the treatment, for everything we have told you before.

If you exceed the dose, you apply the product many times, or you simply exaggerate the amount of time you leave the chemical acting on your face, you may start to notice that acne comes out more easily.


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